Gardiner to Cooke City, Montana

Winter Activities at Yellowstone Northern Range


WinterThe Northern Range provides some of the best winter recreation in the country, and some of the most easily-accessible trails and starting points in Yellowstone National Park. Many companies are available at the North and Northeast entrances to the park which can provide equipment rental, lessons, and even guided tours into the park. For more information, please visit the Gardiner and Cooke City outfitters’ pages. Some of the activities available from the Northern Range include:

Snowmobiling and Snowcoaches

While the road from Gardiner to Cooke City is maintained year-round, from December 15 to March 15, certain parts of Yellowstone are only accessible by snowmobile or snowcoach. This can be an exciting way to visit the interior of the park during the cold season, giving you a unique perspective on Yellowstone’s wonders. Commercial snowcoaches and guided snowmobile trips are available during this time, weather and conditions permitting. No unguided snowmobiles or snowcoaches are allowed.

Cross-Country Skiing

SkiingWhether you’ve been cross-country skiing for years or would like to learn for the first time, there is a bounty of options available. Groomed trails will take you past some of Yellowstone’s best-known sites, and the back-country is waiting for those with experience and good compasses. The National Park Service provides excellent trail maps. Please note that back-country passes are required for any ski trips involving an overnight stay in the park.


Snowshoeing is a fairly safe and inexpensive way to get active during the cold winter months. The techniques can be learned quickly and equipment is easy to purchase or rent. The same trails available for cross-country skiing can be shared by snowshoers, which means an abundance of groomed, scenic trails are available along the Northern Range. 

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