Gardiner to Cooke City, Montana

Yellowstone Northern Range


Discovery BearWith some of the most stunning scenery and most active wildlife spots in the park, the Northern Range is the perfect place to base your Yellowstone adventures. Herds of bison, elk, and antelope forage the slopes of the Lamar Vally, while wolves and bears hunt and forage for food during the warm summer months. Go for a horse ride or hike through the backwoods to a idyllic camping spot. 

During winter, when other park roads close, the scenic roadway between Gardiner and Cooke City remains open. Experience snow-covered landscapes at their breathtaking best. Discover wildlife watching and photography, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and scenic drives like you've never experienced before.

A few of the many possibilities for your Yellowstone trip can be found in the pages to the right. Start your list today, and find out more about the many adventures that await!

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